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Driving by Japantown last weekend, I was seduced by the sight of a fair and by the possibility of street food I could discover. We were wandering through the Asian Heritage Street Celebration, among the suped-up cars on display and kiosks celebrating Asian food and culture, when a sign, Sukiyaki Rice Burger $2, caught my eye.

Street Food at Asian Heritage Fair

Sukiyaki is a one-pot Japanese meal with vegetables and thinly sliced meat cooked at the table in a combination of soy, sugar, sake and mirin (sweet sake). Here the Hokkeshu Buddhist Church used the sweet sukiyaki beef as the “burger” and sticky rice as the “bun”. The sweetness of the meat contrasting with plain sticky rice was perplexing as, with a western palate, I expected the white rice to be the sweeter of the two ingredients. But the “burger” was filling, cheap and flavorful. I’d go back for seconds. Rice Burger

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