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A round up of Street Food news around the world…

Kate Armstrong, from the Sydney Morning Herald, writes a colorful round up, with great historical research, of street food in Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico.

…and Dan Perlman puzzles over the lack of street food in Buenos Aires before he discovers where to find it.

…meanwhile Christine Grimard discovers a street in Hanoi, Vietnam dedicated to cooking bbq chicken wings.

And cities around the US and Canada have been changing their street food licensing laws, some, like Toronto are attempting to compete with NYC’s vibrantly varied street food scene, though it seems the plan has momentarily stalled and others, like LA, are limiting the ability of vendors to sell their foods. DC is trying to ease its regulations though some fear the new regulations are having a negative effect.

In India, the Urban Development Department in Kolkota has been teaching the city’s 120,000 food vendors about food hygiene and safety to great results. I’ll be traveling through there in November and look forward to tasting this abundance of (hygienic) street food.

While in Mumbai, a political party uses street food to promote its anti-immigrant ideology.

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