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Since discovering Jim Leff’s posting on Street Food in Jackson Heights, I’d been fantasizing about a stroll down Roosevelt Ave tasting these delectable treats—from tacos to elote, and quesadillas to arepas I was hooked at the idea of this street food heaven

We began with a carnitas quesadilla topped with spicy green salsa at a cart just off Roosevelt. The tortilla was freshly made from a bucket of dough by the vendor’s side and the carnitas had the perfect balance of fatty and crispy meat. For $2 a quesadilla we were off to a great start












Further down the road, we ate Equadorian beef stew cooked in a meaty broth of onions, potatoes, peppers and plantains. The portion was filling ($6) but as we were on a street food crawl we didn’t finish.

As we continued up Roosevelt, the juice man enticed us with freshly squeezed ginger-sugar cane juice. The sweetness of the sugar cane was nicely balanced by the tang of ginger.

The al pastor taco at Taco Veloz was much sweeter than my recipe but had a requite kick that has us wishing we’d ordered more.

We finished the crawl off with a roasted corn slathered with mayo and cheese. A messy but satisfying end to the walk as our quest for the delectable sounding obleas had eluded us and the roast pig man was no where in sight. The elote vendor explained that the yellow corn was sweet while the while corn wasn’t. Being the end of the summer and the end of sweet corn season, it was the yellow ear I ordered.

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